CCWE was co-founded by Dr Sophia Wellbeloved and Andrew James Brown in Cambridge in 2006 and is a transdisciplinary organisation independent of any academic or esoteric communities, with the aims to:

  • To engage with scholars from a variety of academic disciplines and to encourage their researches into Western Estoricism through the medium of conferences, seminars and publication on our websites.
  • To host conferences and seminars that will lead to a greater understanding and exploration of some of the roles Western esotericism has played, especially in relation to the arts and to European social, political and economic culture since the establishment of Christianity in 313AD, with special reference to the modern era and to the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
  • To host seminars that will address and enable the need for a wider dialogue between scholars and practitioners in the field of Western Esotericism and for the provision of a secular space in which an interdisciplinary network of scholars and practitioners can thrive.


In conjunction with these aims there are three wordpress blogs.

ccwe.wordpress.com which gives information about our own conferences, acts as an information channel and network giving details of conferences dealing with allied or similar academic subject matter at universities in the UK, USA and Australia and India.

http://www.gurdjieffbooks.wordpress.com is also an independent though more specialist site focusing primarily on giving both academic and practitioner news and reviews of events, books and conferences in relation to the teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff

http://www.sophiawellbelovedpoetry.wordpress.com see here for details of the Esoteric Poetry Competition, together with conference information for academic and practising poets and writers.

These three sites now attract between them in the region of 800 to 1000 readers a day, they cover overlapping but separate issues relating to Western Esotericism.

We have held three conferences

2007 Practitioners and Scholars in Dialogue,

2008 Hidden sources: Western Esoteric Influence on the Arts,

2009 The Lure of Secrecy; Western Esotericism & the Arts,

and will hold the first

CCWE Seminar 1: Legitimate Forms of Knowledge? 13 May 2010, in Girton College, Wolfson Court, Cambridge. Practitioners and scholars of magical and other esoteric teachings will ask how do we define legitimate forms of knowledge?

Girton College, Wolfson Court, Cambridge:  floral walkway